A downloadable game

SPACECAT: A game where you play as the adventurous Spacecat Peanuts on his journey to return home from a strange alien planet!


Arrow Keys: Move

V: Interact

G: Use Communicator

Z: Jump

X: Jetpack

C: Inventory


StumpCricket - Programming, Writing, Music

ArtisticAzurite - Art, Writing, Music

Thanks for checking out our game! We hope you like it!

Install instructions

Just download and unpack the .zip, then run the .exe!




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I really love the music! That "meow" is so cute! :) fit's eveything very well!
I also adore the art on this small project.

Bug report:
In the cave, I jumped over the small gap and wen't under the plaform with the cheese, because I thought I could move on there and suddenly my sprite is gone. I can still move and the camera will follow, but I will not fall into the gap or leave the cave. X3

Thank you for trying it out! C:

And thanks for the bug report! Actually we just fixed that bug, among others. If you want to, download the new version of the game, there's a lot of fixes and some new stuff!